African Painted Dog Conservation

Painted Dog Logo african_painted_dogAfrican painted dogs are an endangered species. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has partnered with Greg Rasmussen and the African Painted Dog Project to help conservation efforts here at the Zoo and at the actual African Painted Dog Bush Camp in Zimbabwe Africa.

african painted dog reserarchGreg and his team are providing the Zoo with the latest knowledge from his research in the field. They are using colored collars to track populations and screenings to prevent disease. The team is using the latest technologies and practices to reduce accidental deaths by car accidents, protecting the dogs from farmers and ranchers protecting their livestock, as well as poachers. Getting the word out is key to the success of this project. Read the latest update from African Painted Dog Bush Camp in Zimbabwe.

The Zoo is promoting painted dog conservation in the U.S. by providing husbandry and captive care expertise, as well as students to assist with the project. In addition, the Zoo sends funds to the Bush Camp.

african painted dog bush campThe African Painted Dog Bush Camp here at the Zoo replicates the work that Greg Rasmussen and his team are doing in Africa. Zoo conservation education programs have been tailored to give participants the next best experience to visiting Zimbabwe.

Visit to learn more about Greg Rasmussen and the Painted Dog Conservation project.

Project_DestinyProject Destiny
The Zoo has partnered with Project Destiny, a Pennsylvania nonprofit dedicated to "Reach, Educate, Inspire, Grow and Nurture" at risk youth in the Pittsburgh area. Project Destiny kids have adopted African painted dogs as the symbol of their programs and have established a partnership with the Zoo. Project Destiny has developed a cabin retreat at the Zoo's new International Conservation Center, where the Zoo's African painted dog breeding program will be centered. This unique cabin retreat will teach the kids about painted dog conservation efforts in Pennsylvania and Africa, and will be an integral part of helping them reach their goal to promote positive social and character development and leadership skills through cultural learning.