Kagamega Environmental Education Program (KEEP)


The Kakamega Forest is one of the last remaining rain forests in Kenya. It is densely surrounded by local communities, who have historically used the forest as a source of timber and non-timber products, much to the detriment of the forest. To protect the forest, Wilberforce Okeda and other local community members founded the Kakamega Environmental Education Program (KEEP). Wilberforce began using his house and backyard as a location to teach groups of local children why they should value and preserve the forest. KEEP has grown into an all volunteer organization with over 100 teachers, reaching over 10,000 students - more than would ever have fit in Wilberforce's back yard!


The Zoo has helped:

Build a schoolhouse, which now serves as
a center of community life


Develop the cirriculum

Arrange staff exchanges between the Pittsburgh Zoo KidScience and KEEP Staff


Provide continued support
for materials and supplies