Zoomobile Programs for Schools

The Zoo will visit your school in one of our Zoomobiles full of exciting live animals and biofacts for an interactive presentation. Outreach programs can be conducted in classroom settings for preschool and after-school, or assembly programs for grades K-12.

Now accepting reservations for Spring, until April 18, and Fall 2014! 

Preschool Programs - Ages 3-5

Assembly Programs - Grades K-12 

Classroom Program - Grades K-3

After-School Programs - Grades K-6



The Zoomobile Outreach program is a proud participant of Shop 'n Save Students Extra Educational Development (S.E.E.D). For more information on how your school can take advantage of a Zoo Outreach for free, click here.


Special Offering for Head Start Centers

United Way Contributor's Choice would like to bring the Zoo to you. Head Start Centers in the area are eligible for a 25% discount off preschool Zoomobile fees. Please choose a program and complete the Outreach Reservation Form. Funds are limited; please schedule early. For more information, click here.

Connect With a PPG Employee...

Learn how a PELC (PPG Industries Foundation Public Education Leadership Community) Grant might provide monetary support (up to $1,000) for your public school to participate in educational outreach activities with the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium (www.ppgfoundation.com). This is a formalized process for encouraging PPG employees to become actively engaged in public schools across the nation by using educational and enriching opportunities. Please Note: PELC grants may take up to eight weeks to be processed and approved by PPG. To begin the request process you will need to know your Zoo program fee. Please e-mail learn@pittsburghzoo.org  with PELC in the subject line and we will work with you to determine the total fee to request based on number of programs and mileage.