Wristband and Payment Options for Scouts

Scout groups visiting the Zoo will be individually ticketed with wristbands and payment is due two weeks prior to their trip date. Because you are individually ticketed, you do not have to arrive at the same time.


Click here if visiting on a weekday (excluding holidays).
(Reservations Office open)

Click here if visiting on a weekend or holiday.
(Reservations Office closed)

Parking is FREE for cars and buses.

If your check or Credit Card-to-Hold information is received after the due date, you can choose to pick up your wristbands in person at the Reservations Office by appointment at least 2 business days before the trip date. If you cannot visit the office in person, you will have to pay a fee of $30 to have the wristbands sent via Federal Express. Wristbands cannot be picked up on the day of your trip!

If you have to cancel for any reason, your educational program can be rescheduled based upon availability and self-guided groups can reschedule for any day with notice. If you have already received your wristbands and need to cancel, you MUST return your wristbands or you will be charged.