Grades 4-6

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Windows to Conservation
This interactive classroom features Pennsylvania's endangered species and gives students the opportunity to increase their knowledge of local conservation issues by investigating several hands-on learning stations. (This class is 45 minutes in length for groups of 50 students or less and 1 hour in length for groups of more than 50 students.)

Explore the 5 vertebrate classifications by examining their similarities and differences. (45 min.)

Exploring the Tropical Rainforest
Learn about the rainforest ecosystem and the animals that live within. We'll discuss the challenges facing rainforest conservation and offer suggestions on ways we can help. (45 min.)

Animals In Jeopardy
In a lively game of endangered species jeopardy, this class examines why animals are endangered and what zoos are doing to help in the conservation of these incredible animals. (45 min.)

Animal Observations
(Available September through April 13th only) Take the scientific method out of the textbook and put it into practice in this hands-on exploration of animal behavior. Discover why we study ethology (animal behavior), and participate in a behavioral study of one of our animals. (2 hrs.)

Marine Mammals
Learn how this diverse group of mammals has adapted to live in the sea. Life history, behaviors, and conservation will all be discussed. (45 min.)