Weekend & Holiday Visits


Credit Card-to-Hold (Your Best Option!):
If you are unsure of your exact numbers, or you are having trouble meeting the two-week deadline, you may take advantage of our "Credit Card-to-Hold" option. After providing our office with credit card information, wristbands will be mailed. The card will not be charged. The Reservations Office is closed on the weekends and holidays. Please hold on to the extra wristbands and contact the Reservations Office on the next business day. We will give you your adjusted balance and you could either send the extra wristbands in with a check or or ask us to charge the credit card on file for only those wristbands usedIt is best to overestimate the number of wristbands you think you will need, as extra bands can be returned without penalty. Once your ticket order has been processed, you cannot order additional bands. Any student or chaperone without a wristband will not be permitted to enter through the Group Gate, and will have to pay the higher regular rate at the admission gate. (Prices are subject to change.)

Check: If paying by check, your check MUST BE RECEIVED by the due date (2 weeks before your trip date). If the check is received after the due date, the wristbands will have to be express mailed to you (see Late Payment Policy below). Cash refunds will not be issued for absent students or chaperones. Wristbands will be honored through Labor Day weekend.

Parking is FREE for cars and buses.

If your check or Credit Card-to-Hold information is received after the due date, you can choose to pick up your wristbands in person at the Reservations Office by appointment at least 2 business days before the trip date. If you cannot visit the office in person, you will have to pay a fee of $30 to have the wristbands sent via Federal Express. Wristbands cannot be picked up on the day of your trip!

If your school or facility has to cancel for any reason, your educational program can be rescheduled based upon availability and self-guided groups can reschedule for any day with notice. If you have already received your wristbands and need to cancel, you MUST return your wristbands or you will be charged.