Going on a Safari Costume

To make a Going on Safari Costume, use the following materials:

Materials for Binoculars:

    * Two toilet paper tubes
    * String
    * Construction paper
    * Tape
    * Scissors
    * Pencil
    * Hole Puncher


    * Trace shape of both toilet paper tubes into a piece of construction paper
    * Cut out construction paper and tape around tubes
    * Punch holes on one end and attach string as a hangar
    * Decorate with stamps or stickers as desired

Safari Vest Materials

    * Large paper grocery bag
    * Stickers or stamps
    * Markers
    * Scissors
    * Pencil


    * Adult should trace arm and neck holes onto paper bag
    * Cut up the center of the bag
    * Cut out neck and arms
    * Decorate as desired